Auburn fans are enraged by the incorrect Iron Bowl call.

After a costly call during this year's Iron Bowl on Saturday night, Auburn football fans are incensed.

During the second quarter, Tigers punt returner Keionte Scott requested a fair catch but was unable to field the ball as it passed through his hands.

The call on the field, made after the Alabama punt team pounced on the ball, stated that the Crimson Tide recovered a muffed punt.

When examined more closely, it was discovered that Scott never actually touched the ball. Many people who watched the decision, including broadcasters, believed it would be overturned.

The officials ultimately chose to maintain their original call. "Wow. How come they didn't reverse this? "One supporter enquired.

"Roadside robbery Auburn was mistreated in this instance "further added Another person said, "This is egregious, and the SEC REALLY wants a second team in the playoff."

From a strong field position, Alabama quickly scored a touchdown to make the score at the half 35-14.