Paige Spiranac Tattoos The Breast of her preferred World Cup team.

Paige Spiranac Tattoos The Breast of her preferred World Cup team.

Famous golf influencer Paige Spiranac demonstrated her support for the USA football team at the World Cup by donning a sexy top that matched their uniforms. The World Cup!

Who are you supporting? The recently uploaded pictures have captions by Spiranac.

Following are a few of Spiranac's supporters' responses:

"I don't believe these images are permitted in Qatar." "I'm hoping your shirt will come undone," We're not here to watch soccer,

"You should boycott the World Cup in Qatar if you care about human rights." "I want that knot to break," you said. I'm rooting for it to finish so Americans can stop acting like they care about soccer.

The USA national team drew with Wales in their opening game (1-1). Men enjoy sports and b*obs, says Spiranac. Paige provided a humorous response to a Golf Magic online popularity assessment earlier this year.

According to the report, Spiranac was at the top of the list of the most popular golfers on Instagram, which was predominately made up of men. Tweeted Spiranac: "That's accurate. Males enjoy golf and bo*bs." Tiger Woods, a 15-time world champion, came in second on the list with 3 million followers, earning Paige more money per Instagram post than any other golfer.

Spiranac defeated the favourites on the final day of the competition to win the Masters in 2019 for the first time in 14 years.