Spain 7-0 Costa Rica Summary score goals highlights

A classic Spanish performance. The team's most impressive performance to date?

There were three goals in the first half and four in the second, but I'd argue that the performance before intermission was even better.

A flawless performance from Luis Enrique's team, who were sharp and slick in possession but perhaps even more impressive off the ball.

When they were in possession of the ball, which happened infrequently, they relentlessly pressed to regain it by finding space between and in behind the Costa Rican defence and midfield. Every time his team steps onto the field, Luis Enrique wants them to play that way.

Costa Rica had a back five lined up defensively, but after just 11 minutes, they had to abandon their game plan.

Because they had so little time with the ball, it's difficult to argue that Luis Fernando Suárez's team played poorly, but they had a lot of trouble containing Spain's passing and movement. Before their next match, a game that they should soon put out of their minds.

Carlos Soler: We had the opportunity to score more goals.

PSG midfielder Carlos Soler, who scored in the second half after coming off the bench, advised caution despite the outstanding performance: "We're overjoyed. Naturally, we had no idea that we would triumph by such a wide margin. Despite playing excellently, we could have scored even more goals."